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At Faith Baptist Church we realize the need for active, hands on, involvement in the outreach of the church, by all ages. That is the purpose of the Surrender, Serve, Sow, (SSS) ministry. SSS is a group of young adults between the ages of 13 and 18 that come together at least a couple times a month to focus on Surrendering themselves to the Lord (Isaiah 6:8), Serving others in the body of Christ (Galatians 5:13), and Sowing the seed of the Word of God now more than ever (Psalm 126:5-6).
 The SSS ministry is greatly involved in the missions program of the church. The SSS focuses each quarter on one of our supported missionaries and works all quarter long on being a special blessing and help to them and their families. The SSS, though mostly teenagers, keeps the church informed about the needs and progress of our missionaries by reading the latest prayer letter from the field, as well as being in contact with the missionaries in order to know their needs and prayer requests. It is through the SSS that our young men and women can thoroughly know, understand and appreciate the work and sacrifice of those that are laboring on the mission field. For more information about SSS please contact the church office (734) 433-1356, or email Pastor Summers at Or Youth Pastor Jeffrey Lynn at
Or even better, just come join us for the next SSS meeting. Wednesday nights at 7:00 P.M.
Be sure to check the church calendar link to see when the next S.S.S. activity is, See you there!

Praise God for the opportunities He has given us! Since its inception April of 2013 the S.S.S. and church volunteers have been able to open air witness and give out scriptures (John and Romans) at many Detroit Tigers games, multiple University of Michigan Football games, the Chelsea, Manchester, and Jackson Rose Parades, Chelsea sounds and sights festival and more offering the gospel to hundreds of thousands of people and getting it into the hands of many thousands, even seeing souls saved through the SOW ministry of  these Bible Invasion Events. We have been blessed to be able to take multiple trips into Detroit to help our missionary pass out food, clothing, scriptures, and other necessary items to the homeless as well. The teens have raised and sent hundreds of dollars to many of our supported missionaries as surprise gifts, and had many opportunities to minister to the needs of the people of faith Baptist church. Of course we have had our fun as well with Rally the Troops, Fall fire, New Years Eve, and many other fun and fellowship activities.
At S.S.S. we meet not just to have good clean fun but to learn our roles in the army of Christ, roll up our sleeves, and minister to others, our focus has been and will always remain to be, Surrendering to Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives, Serving Christ and His church with our time, money, and skills, and Sowing the word of God into the hands and hearts of as many people as possible.

So come join us on Wednesday nights at 7:00 P.M. at Faith Baptist Church

2018 S.S.S. Event Schedule

January 20th- Harvest Baptist Church youth rally
February 10th- The big winter event
March 1st-3rd- Teen Spectacular
March 17th- Family Game night
April 21st- Metro Baptist Church youth rally
May 5th- Teen Spring Cleaning
May 26th- Senior Prim
June 25-29 Bible Camp
July 22-28 missions work week (Teen all nighter working on Scriptures this week)
August 4th- House Teens only Game night
August 18th- Rally The Troops
September 15th- Family Game Night
(October 3rd- Fall Fellowship Outing)
October 6th- Guy/Girl Split Event
November 3rd- Fall Fire
December 8th- Christmas Babysitting Night
December 31st/January 1st- New Years All Nighter

List does not include “Sow” events any unplanned extra get togethers “Training days” or prayer meetings.

More pictures and videos are available at
also Information, pictures, and videos from Rally the Troops are available at

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