Sunday, April 14, 2013

That's my God!

Last year at Rally the Troops we had the honor of having the Grace Baptist college tour groups sing during our services. They sang a song written by one of the students at the college called "that's my God." The song being sung at RTT is in the link below and is worth watching all the way through.

I love this song because it helps remind me to be that faithful witness that I should be everyday, that we should stand up and proclaim that He is ours,

but this song also serves as a reminder that we need to be able to say "thats MY God" and mean it. Most people at some point in their lives realize that they either believe in God for themselves, believe Gods word themselves, wish to serve God themselves or that the God they know is just "their parents God" or "their churches God" or "their pastor or youth pastors God". At this point sadly many choose to only believe through lip service, or not believe at all. It is said that over %90 of teens who have grown up faithful in church all their lives will be unfaithful or completely gone from church by their early 20's. Blame the colleges and public school system all you want (they often are Hell holes) but at some point in life that teen was faced with the decision, am I going to believe in the God of the bible? Or do I make up the god I want, or forget the "idea" of god altogether? Although this is where many choose the wrong path it is also where some people, make that life changing decision that I, me, myself, personally, want to serve, love, and cherish God myself because I now realize that He is real to ME He cares for ME He saved MY soul and I am accountable to Him for my relationship with Him. Not my parents, pastor, or church but God is the reason I worship, God is the reason I study, God is the reason I sing, and on and on. Please reader if you "play religion" for any other reason but that YOU, personally, yourself, believe in, love, and cherish Jesus Christ for saving your soul, please sit down open Gods word and pray to God to show you the truth and make you able to say not, that's my parents, churches, pastors, youth pastors, or friends God but that you can proclaim THAT'S MY GOD!

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