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S.S.S. Study notes "Abraham and Isaac"

S.S.S Study
Abraham and Isaac
Genesis 11:31-32

Notice: he did not fully obey (he brought his kindred with him)

Abrahams deceit
Genesis 12:10-20

Abram trusted God enough to move his family into a foreign wilderness, but forgot to trust God with his life, this sin is three fold, 1.Went (literally) away from Gods will 2. He lied, 3. He was selfish and not considering what would happen to his wife.

How often do we pick and choose what to trust God with and what to handle ourselves.

Abram risks everything to save Lot
Genesis 14:12-16

Abrahams other son, and who he would become
Genesis 16

Ishmael's seed are what today make up more than 95% of the Middle East and over 90% of Muslims (where do you find more conflict and strife than amongst the descendants  of Ishmael?) Isaacs seed are the Israelites.

Sarah's doubt
Genesis 18

We see here how that Sarah laughed at Gods word, His promise to her we say how terrible she was for doing that but how often through our actions, do we laugh at God, Gods word, and Gods plan for us?

Live pure so God can better use me? HA!
Study my Bible so I can witness more effectively? HA!
Stand on Gods word instead of public opinion? HA!
Lord you want me to go to Bible college? HA!
You want me to witness more at school? HA!
You want me to grow up to be a missionary? HA!

We, by our actions mock Gods plan because we either don't believe in it, or have our own plans.

Abrahams plea for Lot
Genesis 18
Abrams prayer shows us that he knew how bad the cities were. Also he probably now felt guilty for never getting Lot out of Sodom himself.

Very similar to the Christian who doesn't put much effort forth to be a witness to those around them, even those they care about. But when news of illness comes we want everyone to pray for so and so to get saved. Because we know we have lost valuable opportunities to witness to them.

Abrahams promised seed
Genesis 17:15-19,Genesis 21:1-5

Even though both Sarah and Abraham laughed at Gods promise, and did not wait for God but had Ishmael through a slave girl, God still kept His word!

Romans 5:8, 8:35-39,Ephesians 2:4-7

Abrahams big test
Genesis 22

If God asked you to sacrifice something, how easily would you obey? Abraham offered up his beloved son not understanding why God made such a request, trusting God.

Would you give up friends, family, and the comforts of America if God called you to missions? Would you give up sports, tv, and certain relationships if God wanted you to?

What do we value more than Gods will and why?

Isaacs obedience to his father
Genesis 22

The scripture is not incredibly detailed here as to how Isaac ended up on the altar, I do not believe that Abraham drugged him, beat him, or deceived him into letting his father bind him to the altar, I believe that the scripture implies that Isaac was willingly obedient, just as Christ was obedient unto the death of the cross. How obedient to God are we?

Jeffrey S. Lynn

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