Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog: The 10,000 Mark

In this past year and a half since the founding of the new Surrender, Serve, Sow youth group here at Faith Baptist The Lord has opened doors for us to go to more Tigers games, UofM games, festivals, parades, and community events than ever before to pass out John and Romans in the streets. The parades are always a blast, people are overwhelmingly receptive (we are all trained from birth to expect to get stuff at parades) and it is a blessing to see so many adults, teens, and children working together to get the gospel out at the parades. On the other hand the sporting events that we go to are often much less receptive, don't get me wrong there are still those who gladly take the scripture but at the sporting events the ratio is generally about 30-50 rejected for every one accepted, some days are better and some days are worse. Here at these more hostile crowds of hundreds of thousands is where the Teens of the S.S.S. show what there made of, while many adults (and their young children) are ready to help at the parades, usually more than 75% of the UofM and tigers games group is comprised of S.S.S. Teens. I am not typing this to scold the adult crowd, I am just very proud of our teens and their families, we will soon hit the 10,000 Mark for scriptures given at these events and God has already numerous times shown us fruit of our labors, multiple times people have called our church to tell us that they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior after receiving a John and Romans from a Teen at a ball game, as we cruise past the 10,000 Mark here in 2013 I am incredibly encouraged to see the affect that a small group of people comprised mostly of the "next generation" can have on this sin sick world, and the positive effect public witnessing is having on the youth of our church, wether you like it or not Jesus Christ commanded commanded commanded those who would follow Him to be shining lights to this world, so consider giving out a tract, or if you don't want to give one to a person leave one at the gas pump, the grocery store counter, or the restaurant table, imagine the difference we as Christians could make if we as individuals hit that 10,000 mark in just a few years. It would take less than five tracts a day over five years for you as an individual to send out 10,000 "little preachers" give it a try! And when you do, or when you turn on the next ball game please pray for us, the S.S.S. As we strive to do our part to fulfill this command....

 Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

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