Thursday, October 3, 2013

S.S.S. Sermon notes "Would you eat poo?"

Would you eat poo?

Ezekiel 4

We say we witness, but who sees our witness?
Ezekiel definitely drew a crowd with his actions for His God.

Notice what probably happened in the 430 days Ezekiel laid on his side eating poo.

1. Ezekiel most likely was mocked and scorned for the actions he took for his God.

2. Many probably tried to convince him that he was crazy

3. That God had no right to ask that of him

4. That his actions were not necessary to please God.

Ezekiel told the people what God wanted them to know then.
Ezekiel made clear to them what they should do- repent

I hope you are telling people what God wants them to know, and what they must do

They must know 1st Kings 8:60- The Lord is God and there is none else.
They must know Romans 3:23/6:23- all have sinned and the wages is death and Hell.
They must know Luke 16:23-31- Hell is real and there is no escape.
They must know John 3:16- God made a way of salvation.
They must know John 14:6/Eph 2:8-9- Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved.

Are they hearing these things from you? God has not commanded you (if your a Christian) to eat poo, but He has commanded you:

1st Peter 1:15-16- Be Holy in everything.
1st Corinthians 6:18-20- Flee fornication and glorify God in your body.
2nd Timothy 2:15- Study the scriptures.  THE FIRST 3 prepare us for the rest.
2nd Timothy 4:1-2 Be instant and Preach the Word.
1st Peter 3:15- Sanctify Christ in your heart and be ready to answer men.
Mark 16:15- Preach the Gospel. Finally what do we do when persecuted?
Luke 6:22-23- Leap for joy.

God commanded Ezekiel to do things that we would call nuts, all He has commanded of you is to live pure, study, and preach the gospel. Someday I pray God may call you to the ministry, or to be a Godly mom, or a witness working at McDonald's but for now, be happy your not eating poo for 430 days.

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