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S.S.S. Study He is all I need Part 2

Family School at Faith Baptist
S.S.S. Study
He is all I need
(the story of the exodus)
Part 2

Exodus 2:11-12 Moses makes a choice
Moses decided to side with Israel His people, and his first recorded action toward aligning himself with Israel was cold blooded murder.

Often we want to make the right choice, give the right answer, stand for the right cause, and that is all very good, but the method by which we choose to make that stand still matters. One day Peter chose to align himself very drastically with Christ. John 18:3-12 But Peters method was not the method Christ desired him to use. How often are we ready and willing to join the battle arm in arm but cannot stand alone to a simple question? That is what happened to Peter. (John 18:16-17)

Praise God Jesus looks not at our failed methods but simply fixes the damage we have done and moves on Luke 22:51.

Exodus 2:13-15
Because Moses was now a wanted criminal he had to flee Egypt and could therefore offer no help to his people, because he desired a right thing, but chose a wrong method.

Exodus 2:16-17  Moses to the rescue
Moses chose to try to help his Israelite brethren, but was foolish in his method (murder is a no-no) now fleeing for his life from a death sentence passed down by his mothers father Pharaoh, he reaches a well and again is confronted with the choice of either helping the oppressed or standing by, now with nothing left to lose but his life and chased from His home he decides once again to come to the aid of the oppressed.

How often do we view ourselves as the most unfortunate person in the room? How many times have you rose to someone's aid while you yourself were hurting. It is no easy task to put others ahead of yourself.   Mark 12:28-31  Jesus Christ tells us the most important commands for Israel (Gods children) to follow, and it is a sharp contrast to the words spoken in Job 2:4 by Satan.

There are 6,100+ people on earth dying EVERY HOUR. People many of whom have never trusted Christ as their savior and will spend eternity in Hell because throughout all time from the day Jesus Christ left this earth till this moment Christians who know the truth sit in their comfort zone believing that they have it rough.

Missionary David Brainerd would ride days at a time while sick with tuberculosis to reach Indian tribes who at times would immediately reject him and send him back, he eventually died of his illness in 1747 at the ripe old age of 29. He had been saved in 1739 only 8 years prior.

Exodus 2:18-22 Moses new Family
Similar to when God restored Joseph's family to him after years of trials and troubled times, God saw fit to give Moses a brand new family, away from Moses's past life, away from all the troubles he left behind God gave Moses a father-in-law, wife, son, and kindred.

How often just when we think no one cares, or that we are not worth anything, or we are just down and out beaten up by life's circumstances, God steps in and helps us up.

Luke 12:6-7, John 3:15-17, Psalm 40:5, 2nd Peter 3:9, 1st John 4:8-10,

Exodus 2:23-25 God
Heard- The groanings
God knew from before the foundation of the world that we, the Gentiles, would be groaning in sin, having no hope, no light, and no peace. God made a planed salvation, executed that plan in His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, and now He hears our cries as His children.
Matthew 21:22, John 14:13, John 15:16

Micah 7:7    Therefore I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.

Remembered- His covenant
2nd Peter 3:9,1st Thessalonians 5:24, Hebrews 10:23, 1st John 1:9
God will always remember and keep the promises He has made to His children, wether it be your darkest hour, or your most joy filled moment, God is always remembering His people.
Romans 8:35-39
Looked- on His children
The only time a child does not want his father watching him/her is when he/she is planning to do wrong, How many of you would like your dad to go on your first date with you? Biblically nothing should happen before marriage that a father couldn't watch. Sounds weird but it's true.
Proverbs 15:3    "The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good."

The phrase "the eyes of The Lord" is found in your bible 22 times, all of which have to do with either evil or righteousness, to the evil this verse is nightmarish, but to the righteous and needy soul it is sweet. Psalm 119:103.

The final thought today is this, how often is the thought of Proverbs 15:3 sweet to you, and how often is it a scary thought?
Jeffrey S Lynn

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