Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Notes on Prayer


To say a prayer In this world is easy, to pray as in James 5:16 is a battle.

Every Christian wants to be able to pray fire down from Heaven as Elijah did in 1st Kings 18, and 2nd Kings 1. Even the disciples in Luke 9:54 were eager to have (and use) that prayer power.

What most of us ignore is the life and attitudes of those who displayed such powerful prayer.

What is found in prayer?

Provision in prayer- Hannah 1st Samuel 1:1-2, 6-17, 20, 24-28
Things to notice,
a. Hannah dealt with her problem for years
b. She never accused God of wrongdoing
c. She promised the blessing she prayed for to God
The Result? Israel had the great prophet Samuel for all his life, to commune with God for them.

Protection in prayer- Daniel Daniel 6:3-11, 16, 19-28
Things to notice,
a. He already had a strong Prayer life and good testimony
b. He did not complain when thrown into the pit (16)
c. The Bible does not specifically say that Daniel prayed in the pit but his previous        testimony combined with the circumstance allow us to assume that He did
The Result? The king himself became a witness to the nations.

Power through prayer- Acts 16:25-31
Things to notice,
a. Paul and Silas were in jail for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ
b. They did not complain at all
c. They not only prayed but sang praises to God as well, witnessing to the prisoners
The Result? The guards whole house was saved.

Notice the similarities?
A. All three cases involved an individual who was not doing anything wrong,
B. A problem that they did not blame God for or complain about,
C. And an action taken Hannah Promised, Daniel Prayed, and Paul and Silas Sang Praises.
They also all shared the same result, God was magnified, and His word proclaimed.

The continuance of prayer- Prayer worked then, works now, and will always work because it is Gods prescribed way for us to communicate with Him. Micah 7:7, Malachi 3:6

Luke 22:31-32 Imagine Jesus Christ Himself praying for you, He did, John 17 is Jesus Christ's prayer to God the Father for you and I!

Lastly there is peace to be had as a result of prayer.

Philippians 4:4-7

So what keep you from praying more often, and is it worth losing out on these blessings?

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