Monday, July 25, 2016

Family School Lesson: Eutychus

Family School

Faith Baptist Church

“Great Biblical Events”


Acts 20:7-12, Notice five things in this story.

Just because you are in church doesn't mean your paying attention or that your hearts in it.

1        Being in the place doesn't sanctify you, 2nd Thessalonians 2:3-4

2        Hearing the truth doesn't set you straight, James 1:22-25

Sometimes it isn't about who is preaching or how “good” the message is, it is about the hearts of the hearers.

We say “I would love to hear Paul preach” yet if the pastor doesn't crack jokes, tell stories, or otherwise elaborate in his sermon we often would say he was “boring”

Look at the sermons Paul preached and how he preached them, Acts 17:1-4, 18:26-28, 19:8, 28:17-29, he boldly preached but notice the only thing he is shown to have used in his preaching is, the scriptures and his testimony. About his own preaching to the Corinthians he said, 1st Corinthians 2:1-5, how would his preaching be received today? Would he pass a homiletics course in bible college?

·         Examples from the Old Testament, 1st Samuel 8:10-19, ignored the preacher, Nehemiah 8:1-12  was Ezra a better preacher than Samuel? In Samuel the people requested a king, in Nehemiah they requested “the book” Notice the people in Nehemiah.

1.      The people made the altar (for the purpose) 2. The people called the preacher

3.       The people asked for the book 4. The people stood for the reading

4.      The people were attentive vs 3 (for 6 hours outdoors) 6. The people were responsive (wept at the reading of the law) 7. The people did not leave (they were told to move on to feasting)

Many times the reason “great” services are a rarity is simply because people are present in body but completely absent and inattentive in mind and heart. This guy fell asleep under PAULS PREACHING!

Choose your seat wisely

1.      It was probably hot- window may have provided a cool breeze, physically comfortable, can we not have church unless our A/C, plumbing, and electricity is all working? Vs Dominican block wall church

2.      It was probably crowded- window provided an uncongested view, not “all up in there”, those who want to be seen as part of the group but not be “in the group”

3.      “Much light” was there, today many churches have no gospel light, but for eutychus it did not matter all the light around you doesn't mean you cannot fall into darkness.

4.      It was as close to out of “church” as you can get while still being in church Kid example

a.      (As Bobby mentioned last lesson) We fall the direction that we're leaning, two options for the Christian. Kid example

i.                    Towards Christ (hitting an altar perhaps)

ii.                  Away from God (out of church perhaps)

b.      NOTICE it affected the church when he fell out, the preacher had to stop preaching  to address the situation parallel to today,

5.      It killed him, if you could see the end result of leaning away from the preaching of the word of God, you may be likely to move from the window seat to the front seat! Hebrews 11:25, James 1:14-16

Give him some credit

1.      He assembled with the brethren 2. He stayed for the preaching (till midnight) 3. Perhaps he worked all day in the hot sun 3. Maybe he allowed himself to fall asleep maybe he tried for hours to keep awake we don't know.

Notice Paul and the churches reaction, vs10-12 Kid example today-serves him right, vs then

Galatians 6:1-2, Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 Kid example falling alone vs having someone to lift you up.

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