Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sermon Notes: The slaying on the mount

The slaying on the mount
How revival must come

The people
1st Kings 16:29-33 The people fell
The people
17:1 God punished (in order to turn their hearts to God their hearts had to be softened by circumstances, but most people today just blame God.)
The preacher
17:3-6 God's provision
The preacher
7-9 God's faith check, when the waters dried up Elijah didn't call to God in panic, he had faith and God called to him with provision.
The preacher
9-18 Another trial for the preacher, this time involving the death of a child, and anger of its parent.
The preacher
18-24 more blessing
Back to the people 
While Elijah has had a couple faith checks along the way, God has provided for him all his needs, but the people have sunk further and further into starvation and desperation.

In order for a man to seek or accept God he must first understand a need for God, those  who never have a worry, often see no need for Christ and His "rule book". Tigers games, visitations, "I'm good I'm a...)

The preacher and the people meet
Ahab accuses, Elijah refuses and rebukes (it ain't me, it's you!)

18:21-22 The people hear Gods man preach, 2 choices, the True God, or fakes. Same today.

22-29 The fakes of the people fail, religion, works, tradition, etc. (unfortunately today many fakes call themselves Christians, drunks at the games.

30-32 The preacher built an altar
36-37 The preacher prayed
38 God moved which brought about not only a proclamation of the people that The Lord He is God but a cleansing of the country by killing the false teachers.

God can still move today, God is still all powerful, God still provides, punishes, protects, and prosecutes, but we must be preachers, we must make altars of prayer and study, we must tell others about Christ.

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