Thursday, June 27, 2013

Short Sermon Notes: A Faith

A Faith

A false faith stops at the altar, profession not salvation
If your attitude towards your faith is that you made a profession, just in case the preacher was right, YOU ARE NOT SAVED. We are saved by FAITH not by false preparations.

A fake faith stops at the door of Gods house, a public "faith" with private filth, 
we already have waaaay to much of this "faith" Ezekiel 8:6-18, ch 9

A flaky faith stops at the door of your school, 1st Kings 18:1-4, 16-22 there a hundred prophets of God who must have heard about this showdown, and they remained in the caves.

If ever you have a chance to make one man of God standing alone against the world 2, do it. Don't let others speak ill of or attack your pastor and you do nothing, let pastor Summers know your on Gods side with him.

John 6:66-69

A fiery faith cannot be contained or stopped by any door. Daniel 3:1-30 vs17-18 similar to Philippians 1:20, 

vs22 God will not allow men "just following orders" to escape, be careful how you treat Gods people.

The faith of the three Hebrew boys was tested against peer pressure where the other three faiths would have caved, then retested against the king, then proved true as they passed through the door of the furnace.

The reward of their faith benefitted the whole nation.

A fiery faith is not easily obtained. Notice the reason of Daniels persecution, Daniel 6 how many of those around you know that you pray, not before food or bed, but really pray with the purpose of communing with God? 6:14 many decisions you will make will directly effect the lives, and faith of others, wether you wish it to or not.

A fiery faith causes destruction, offenses, loss of friends, broken relationships, etc.
You already know EXACTLY what OR who is holding you back from reaching your potential for God. 

The question is, "is that thing or person more valuable to you than being in Gods will?" 

Do not say no to that but live yes.

A fiery faith brings redemption 1st Timothy 4:16 

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