Thursday, July 18, 2013

SSS Sermon Notes: A public profession

A Public Profession

Many times we as Christians are very good at living pure, which is good, Gods word says in 1st Corinthians 6:18-20

Many times we are good at reading and studying our Bibles, which is good, Gods word says in 2nd Timothy 2:15

Many times we are great at attending church and SSS, which is good, Gods word says in Hebrews 10:23-25

Many times we are very good at separating ourselves from the sin of this world, which is good, Gods word says in 2nd Corinthians 6:14-18

Many times we as Christians are good at serving in the church, which is good, Gods word says in Galatians 5:13

Many times we as Christians are good at loving the brethren, which is good, Gods word says in 1st Peter 3:8, 1st John 3:14

You SSS Teens are know for getting Gods word out through our Sow activities and that is wonderful! Gods word says in Mark 16:15

There are also many other things that you, the SSS Teens are great at that God has commanded of you, but there is one area where MOST Christians TEENS AND ADULTS are failing miserably and it has very dire consequences.

Turn to Luke 8:43

VS. 43-44 sadly sums up most Christians entire experience, we were suffering from the fatal disease of sin, we tried absolutely everything we could except Christ until we had no hope left. No physician could do anything for this woman except take her money and leave her the way the found her which is exactly what modern Religion, spiritualism, culture, and most "Churches" do every week by not preaching Heaven and Hell.

You cannot profess what Christ has done for you without having full assurance of your salvation, you can be the best at everything listed and be headed for Hell, its only by your personal relationship with Jesus Christ that you can be saved, How can I be saved?

Vs. 45 Christ Himself turns to a crowd of His own followers who are thronging  Him and all deny touching Him, how often do we as followers of Christ miss our chance to say that we have been saved by Christ?

vs 46-47 This woman saw that she was not hid from Christ, He wanted her to testify before that crowd, just as Christ made it clear to that woman and all around in vs 46 that He wanted a public profession, He makes it clear to us through His word, and His Spirit that He expects us to publicly profess what He did for us.

1st Timothy 4:16

The phrase "Save Thyself" is found in the Scriptures only 5 times, 4 of the 5 times it is found in the form of a sinner telling Christ to "Save Thyself" from off the cross, the final time is the Savior telling Sinners to "Save Thyself" from sin and its penalties.

In what ways can we publicly profess our salvation?

Give out Tracts at the drive thru, restaurant, stores, gas stations, door to door, sidewalks, school lockers, bathroom stalls, etc

Wearing Christian T-Shirts, Christian Bumper Stickers, Yard signs, etc

Stand on the street corner with a sign that reads "Trust Jesus Christ!"

Start a Bible study, sing, testify, witness, etc

Look for open doors in conversations.


Christians having no public profession in their lives tells the world that

We do not actually believe what we preach
We do not care about them
We do not want them in our church/Youth Group
Our faith is just a crutch, social club, or activity that we do
They do not need to be saved.

What is your public profession like?

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