Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gods not dead!

Our SSS recently started singing a song called "Gods not dead!" It is a great exciting fast paced song with an awesome yet simple message, Gods not dead.

Within a month here at Faith Baptist of Chelsea Mi we will have our annual youth rally "Rally the Troops" here teens from all over will come together to fellowship, have fun, let loose a little, hear preaching, and also sing songs to God. At our rally and many that I have been to there is a genuine excitement in the air about that very fact that Gods not dead, to see over one hundred young people excited about Christ and what He did for them, not just singing praises but enjoying singing Gods praise and eagerly listening to Gods word, then often flooding the altar to beg God to forgive them, use them, cleanse them, sanctify them, send them, or simply to thank God for everything He is, it shows the onlooker that revival is possible! God really isn't dead! 

Unfortunately this unashamed excitement is rarely experienced or shown by the "adult crowd". I praise God that I belong to a church where many, yes many of the adults and even the "aged" members get just as excited about their savior as the teens and children do, sadly though often a young person will get excited, on fire, sold out for God and unashamed of Christ only to see the "adults" (whom the young people have been taught to look to as examples) sit in the pews cold hearted, cold minded, and stale for Christ. 

I challenge everyone young to old, new Christian to seasoned saint, examine yourself, examine your life, do you get excited about church? Do you get excited about Christ? Do you get excited to sing and worship your creator?

 When the preacher preaches don't get mad, get excited! Don't say "that preacher is preaching right at me how dare he" say praise God I can still feel the sting of conviction on my heart! When the hymns are sung don't say "how many verses do we have to sing", shout out, "Hey! How about we sing that one again!" Wen its time to go on visitation don't say "theres never any fruit" say "praise God I may get the chance to tell some poor lost soul how that Jesus Christ saved me from Hell, and He can save them too!" Stop caring about formality and form and let God be real and alive in your heart again! Stop caring about opinions and views, and let God be real and alive in your heart again! Stop worrying about offense or persecution, and let God be real and alive in your heart again! 

Psalm  9:1    "I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works. 9:2    I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.

If your in a church where people discourage you from singing loudly just start singing "I would not be denied, I would not be denied, since Jesus came and made me whole I would not be denied!"

Psalm 98:4    Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.

Americans take no interest in churches because the fake churches are all about emotional highs that the world can get anywhere, and the Bible preaching churches often behave as though God is dead, they may be dead, their church may be dead, their worship may be dead but the God of the universe is not Dead NO HE IS ALIVE! Praise The Lord! Let us show this dirty rotten sinful world that our God is alive, He is powerful, He is real, He is active in our lives, and He is the who that they need!

If you claim the name of Christ, I beg you please live like your God is alive, and perhaps just maybe the world around you will drop their dead idols and gods and come see what your God is all about.

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