Tuesday, November 25, 2014

S.S.S. Study Letters to the churches Lesson 4

S.S.S. Study The 7 Churches of Revelation
Family School at Faith Baptist Church
Week 4: The church at Pergamos

Visitors Guide: Pergamos was located about 40 miles north of Smyrna and 20 miles from the sea, it was not known for great commerce but rather as a religious town. It was the home to the temple of Asklepios the god of healing who's symbol was a snake. This god was also referred to as Asklepios Soter or "the Savior". Those who had needs were permitted to sleep in the temple at night among the many tamed snakes that dwelt there, if one of the snakes slithered over them or touched them it was believed that the god himself was touching them, bringing them help. Pergamos was also home to the famed altar of Zues, 800 feet up a cliff it was 90 feet square and 20 feet tall overlooking the city smoking with sacrifice it was a constant show of pagan worship.

Revelation 2:12-17
Vs 13 1. God knows the situations we are in, He sees where we dwell. Proverbs 15:3, 1st Peter 3:12.
2. Satan's seat, this was a wicked and pagan place filled with gods and their faithful worshipers.
3. Holding fast Christ's name, the fact that Christ commends this church for holding to His name makes clear the importance He places on that simple duty. Why so important?
We are saved by believing on His name, Matthew 1:21, John 1:12, Romans 10:9.
It is the only name for salvation, Acts 4:12.
Those who don't believe on His name are condemned, John 3:18.
God is among those who gathers in His name, Matthew 18:20.
We are told by Christ to pray in His name, John 14:13-14.
This is the foundation to answered prayers, John 15:16,16:23-24.
We are warned that we will be hated for His name sake, Matthew 10:22, Acts 9:16.
We are promised reward if we will forsake all for His name, Mathew 19:29.
Christ's name is the focus of the spread of the gospel in Acts, Acts 2:38, 3:6, 3:16, 4:7-12, 4:18, 4:30, 5:28, 5:40-41, 9:14-16, 9:27-29, 24:13. See also Philippians 2:9-11.

Vs 14 There was a split in the church, they that held to Christ's name, and they that had the false doctrine of Baalim (Baalim means "devourer of the people"). 
Vs 15 There were also those who held the false doctrine of the nicolliatans.
Vs 16 First the church is given the option to repent. For some reason repentance is looked down on by many people as a shameful or embarrassing act. Repentance is necessary for salvation and a right relationship with God. We will always have sin, we will fall and fail. Still some people refuse to beg God for mercy and repent of their sins because they fear what other PEOPLE may think of them. Never risk your soul, OR your relationship with Christ over the supposed opinions of others. Luke 13:3, Acts 17:30-31.

If they don't repent Christ says He will come and fight those who hold false doctrine in His church.
Christ uses the sword of His mouth to fight the false doctrine, our best defense against false teaching is always Gods Word. Hebrews 4:12
Vs 17 Promise to the overcomers, the white stone. In Roman culture during a trial the jury would be given two stones, one white and one black. If they believed the person to be innocent they would drop the white stone into the pot, if guilty the black. The judge would then count the stones and proclaim either innocent or guilty. A wonderful picture of Christ declaring us innocent of all though we are guilty of much, Ephesians 2:12-14

Homework: Read through this lesson going to every verse reference at home this week. 

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