Monday, June 1, 2015

S.S.S. Sermon "Your People"

Your people

Who we enjoy fellowship with, who we have things in common with, those who we call friends are considered "our people". If your saved then we are God's people, and God's people should be your people. Mark 3:25, if you have your "church people" and then your Facebook people, you are WRONG eventually you will choose one people and forsake the other Luke 16:13.

We often give more value to the things we consider to be our own, we should be so dedicated to the body of Christ that we protect it, and value it (and those in it) as much as our own lives.

Men and women in the bible who protected their people.

Esther was a young woman whose parents were both dead, she was raised by mordecai, who became like a father to her, (Esther 2:7,20). When the king was displeased with his queen he chose Esther to be his new queen. Esther 1-2 mordecai instructed her not to make known that she was a Jew. Esther 3 Haman began to be promoted and favored by the king and therefore everyone in the gates would bow to him, everyone except mordecai. This made Haman wroth because he was stuck on himself, now turn to Esther 3:8-10,13, 4:1, when Esther heard that mordecai was grieving she sent to him to see what was wrong, Esther 4:7-17, Esther stands up for her people even though it could cost her life and Gods people are saved and their enemies destroyed!

David was the youngest brother, a shepherd, a courageous young man who had fought a lion and bear to protect the flock, he has been chosen by God to be the next king but is currently just at home tending to the sheep and obeying his father. 1st Samuel 17.

Both showed obedience before their bravery, both risked their lives for God's people, and in both cases God blessed their courage to do right by not just sparing them from the enemy but helping them to destroy the enemy with their own hands.

If only we valued and protected our church family the way these great people did God's people.
What does the bible say 1st Corinthians 12:14-27

Our goal attitude toward the brethren, 2nd Corinthians 12:15

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