Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Short Sermon: My Days

My Days

All throughout history men and women have put themselves before others, sure there are charities and those who do good for others but sadly, most often when it all comes to a head our sinful flesh desires to be happy even if it costs the happiness of others- this is often called, Selfishness

Defined: The exclusive regard of a person to his own interest or happiness; or that supreme self-love or self-preference, which leads a person in his actions to direct his purposes to the advancement of his own interest, power or happiness, without regarding the interest of others. Selfishness, in its worst or unqualified sense, is the very essence of human depravity, and stands in direct opposition to benevolence, which is the essence of the divine character. As God is love, so man, in his natural state, is selfishness.

With this in mind let's examine God's word, 2nd Kings 20
Vs 1 Here we see that king Hezekiah was sick
Vs 2-3 Here the king has the proper response to his condition
Vs 4-11 God grants his prayer and gives an amazing sign!
Vs 12 Now comes trouble
Vs 13-18 King Hezekiah shows off all his stuff and God declares punishment upon his people and family.
Vs 19-21 The Kings attitude, if it doesn't happen to me, then it doesn't concern me.

Even though he had been a very good king he still got sick and God said he would die, Matthew 5:45 Prayer is always the proper response but look closer, the king doesn't pray for God's will, just God's deliverance- if the king had died perhaps the judgment of the Babylonian captivity would not have been so swift...
Sometimes God gives us what we ask for even if it isn't what's best, which just shows us to trust His plan, not our own, 1st Peter 5:6-7
Hezekiah had no business showing off to the Babalonians, beware of pride Here we see his true focus, His days, he still did good things, provided water, built a conduit, etc, but what good are those things when the enemy destroys them?
Are we like King Hezekiah? We do things for others but are they things that will last? Matthew 6:19-21, 1st Corinthians 3:9-15 Don't be concerned for your life alone! John 21:15-17

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