Friday, December 18, 2015

S.S.S. Lesson David Spares Saul's Life

David spares Saul’s life
Surrender Serve Sow
Jeffrey S. Lynn

The lead up:
David is secretly anointed to be the next king of Israel 1st Samuel 16:1-13, 
David is sought to play the harp for Saul 16:14-23, 
David goes back to work for his father while being on call for the king, Note: he still had a job to do in the present. 
David kills Goliath Chapter 17 Note: even though David was a harpist and armor bearer to Saul, when he volunteered to fight Goliath Saul did not remember him. (Don't work for vain glory Galatians 5:25-26), 
David is taken to live with Saul 18:2, 
David fights for Saul and marries into Saul’s family Chapter 18, 
Saul turns on David Chapter 19  (Psalm 55:12-14 betrayed me)- not necessarily about Saul? But applicable, David flees Saul Chapter 20 (pit stop at the priests, given Goliath’s sword 21:8-9) Psalm 77:7-15) 
Saul murders the  priests for helping David  1st Samuel 22 Note: low to high to low, vs 20-23, 
David's conversation with the survivor. 
David fights the Philistines for Israel while fleeing Saul Chapter 23,
David's golden opportunity arrives 1st Samuel 24:3

All that Saul has done- by all means he deserved death
David's innocence- by any account he deserved to live
David's divine appointment- by the prophets word he knew he would be the next King 1st Samuel 16:1-13
David's action and remorse vs 4-6
Why remorse? Proverbs 21:1, 1st Samuel 10:24
Saul speaks well to David when his life is spared but soon turns on him yet again.

Soon another golden opportunity arises, 1st Samuel 26:1-11
David's friends request- a good friend with good intentions, suggested what sounded like a good idea, but it wasn't. David had to be close enough to God to recognize that his friends desire was not Gods. Peter and Christ had a similar moment, Matthew 16:21-23

What this teaches us:
1. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, Romans 12:19, James 1:20
2. Gods man is Gods man until GOD changes it (God does use people, like He used the enemy soldier who fired the arrow that killed King Ahab 1st Kings 22:34)  But if YOU are desiring to unseat Gods man He probably won't use YOU to do it. Story killers of enemy king/David's response.
3. David trusted Gods promise, Titus 1:2
4. It matters how things are done. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should, God
has a plan.killed for touching the ark, cart not poles 1st Chronicles 13:9-10, also 1st Corinthians 14:40
5. David had patience in Gods plan (God gave David the test that Saul failed!) 1st Samuel 13:8-14
Psalm 37:7,9,34, 1st Peter 5:6-7 (don't step in)-why Saul lost his rule in the first place. He did not wait for the prophet to do the sacrifice. Compare to your life. Perhaps your waiting on Gods guidance for school and an acceptance letter comes…. Do you make a decision, or wait on God to give you peace concerning where He would have you go?

Through patience in adversity, trust in turmoil, and faith in Gods promise, David won a great victory over the lust of the flesh (vengeance), the lust of the eyes (the golden opportunity seeing Saul defenseless at his feet), and the pride of life (not taking for himself what God promised to give to him). In the end God gave David the kingdom and referred to him as, Acts 13:22-23

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