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S.S.S. Lesson Micah and the Levite

S.S.S. Lesson Micah and the Levite
The sinner and the wayward Christian 

Judges 17-18

17:1-5 A look 7 things found about Micah's life.
1. He stole from his own mother 1,100 shekels of silver
2. Upon returning the money we see its intended use
NOTE: She had dedicated the 1,100 shekels to the LORD for her son to make a graven image and a molten image. Isn't it amazing what people do "FOR THE LORD"? The same Lord who said specifically to His people Exodus 20:4-5. 
Extra note: God did not just say do not do it but he makes a list including things above of what not to make idols to, question, where does God reside? So God said don't make images, even if they are of me!  
3. She dedicated 1,100 shekels but after thinking them stolen and having them returned she only uses 200...
4. He had a house of gods (meaning the Lord was not his ONLY God. Exodus 20:2, Deut 10:20-21
5. He fashioned his own ephod (a priests girdle).

6. He made a teraphim (a family idol).
7. He made one of his sons his own priest. 

6-9 A levite doing what was right in HIS eyes
NOTE: This was the first step on a path that would take the levite far away from Gods will and plan for him and in doing so have a negative impact on countless of Gods people.
When you abandon Gods will for your own path you could be hurting countless people.
10-12 Notice 
The levite compromised what he knew was right, for a full time ministry job, room n board,and money 
Through the actions of the levite (the wayward Christian) Micah (the sinner) was granted assurance that his sins were pleasing to God. Matthew 5:13-16, Romans 6:4-6, Colossians 1:10-12

Chapter 18

1-6 Five spies from the tribe of Dan come to Micah's home and meet the levite turned priest. 
7-13 The spies return after the priest blesses them and fetch their army
14-20 The army of the tribe of Dan steals Micah's gods and offers the priest a new job being priest for the whole tribe of Dan if he will keep quiet and leave with them.
First we see the gods were still in their places, the levite had not turned Micah's heart to God or taught him truth, he had simply done as Micah desired and took his money, a preacher for hire!
Next we see the priest (the wayward Christian) has no loyalty to Micah (the sinner) and is glad to abandon him when a bigger opportunity arises. 
NOTE:  Even though this shows that the priest never really cared if Micah's home was Gods will for him or not (if he really though it was he would have stayed there) he (the wayward Christian) probably saw this as evidence that God was with him because he just was offered a job at a bigger church. He left the man who made his own gods to serve the men who apparently stole gods.
You have stolen my gods! 
Shut up about it or we will kill you! 

This story is very telling concerning the spiritual condition of the people of Israel at this time when they had no judge or king to rule them, without preachers preaching truth, and leaders leading by the bible, the people were reduced to worshiping and even fighting over, gods like those found in, Psalm 115:4-8

Homework: Study the story found in 2nd Kings 5:9-27 and explain how it correlates to today's story, and what you think the dangers of a preacher for hire are. (1 page minimum)

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