Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sermon Notes: Living like you Believe

Living like you believe.

Titus 2:7-8 presents a challenge for the Christian, how to live. 
If we are able to live out our faith daily, publicly, unashamedly, and keep a pure testimony then those of the world ("he that is of the contrary part") is ashamed and frustrated because as much as they want to condemn you, as much as they want to prove you to be a fake and a hypocrite, there is "no evil thing to say of you.". It's good when the best the world can do is call you closed minded.

 When someone says that your closed minded just say thank you, our skull seals and closes in our brain in order to protect it, so why would you consider it wrong to let the truth in Gods Word close and seal your mind in order to protect it? 

When a baby is born there's a soft spot in the skull that you have to be careful of because their brain is more susceptible to injury, the same goes with a babe in Christ, until grounded in Gods word your susceptible to false doctrines, offense, and error. Parents protect the minds of your children! Christians, help protect the minds of new believers or one day you will notice, there gone.

Living like you believe in God. If you believe in Him you should fear Him and wish to serve Him. If you show no interest in serving God your showing a lack of REAL belief in Gods very existence. That's what your showing.

Living like you believe that the bible is Gods word. If this book is GODS WORD....GODS WORD then we better study it, know it, and live it. It is sad when an unsaved person knows more scripture than someone who has been saved for years.

Living like you believe Christ is the only way. Makes a Muslim, Atheist, or catholic uncomfortable around you and raises questions in their mind...

Living like you believe in Hell. (Motivation to witness) when a lost person realizes God, Hell, and Sin ARE REAL they won't have to be dragged to the altar. To many people are making professions of faith, with the mindset that "this way IF the preacher is right, I'm covered" but that is not salvation, you cannot profess it, claim it, then figure out if you believe it.

Living like you believe Christ is returning
2nd Peter 3

I often put things off till the last minute, isn't it amazing how much a child who was supposed to be cleaning his room for the last two hours can accomplish when he hears dad coming to check his work? It's a frantic final minute in which much more gets done than normal.

If you knew 100% total fact that Jesus Christ was going to return at 10:00pm tomorrow night, what would you do differently tomorrow than you did today? Truth is we may not have till 10:00pm tomorrow night to evangelize. These could be our frantic final minutes.

We need to live every day as if we knew it was our last chance to lead souls to Christ. 

Jeffrey S. Lynn

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