Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The book of Romans (Overview) in three parts

1. The Depravity of man

It is necessary to convince everyone of man’s sin sick condition because of the severity of the result, Death and Hell, Eternally awaits anyone who dies without accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior, Romans 1:20 If a man refuses to admit that he is lost on the road, what happens when the wife suggests directions? I AM NOT LOST! The same thing happens when you try to convince someone that they need Jesus I DONT NEED THAT! So one of the hardest parts of witnessing is showing someone their need of the Savior. Colossians 1:27-28
Why do we need the Savior? Sin
What is sin? Transgression of God’s law, 1st John 3:4, Not only that but, James 4:17
Are we born sinners? Romans 5:12, Sin from Adam to Cain and Abel all the way down to us.
What can we do about it? “I’m a good person, I'll be okay” Romans 7:14-18, Romans 3:10, 3:23.

2.The law of God

Many people believe that if they will try to "live by" or "keep" the Ten Commandments that somehow that will get them into Heaven, yet most cannot even say what the commandments are,
1 Have no other gods before me 2. Not make any graven images 3. Don't take God's name in vain 4. Keep the Sabbath day holy 5. Honor father and mother 6. Shall not murder 7. Shall not commit adultery. 8. Shall not steal 9. Not bear false witness 10. Shall not covet.

The law cannot save, because it cannot be kept perfectly, Romans 2:25, 3:19-20
Being good will never be good enough, Isaiah 64:6, so now we are stuck, what can we do?
Another religion? John 14:6, try our best? James 2:10
Answer: Nothing, we cannot save ourselves Ephesians 2:12, hopeless, and that is where the grace of God shines through.

3. The Grace of God, Romans 5:20-21, 3:24, 5:15, 11:6

Grace Defined: Getting something that you do not deserve. The depravity of man brings death and Hell, separated from God for all eternity, but the grace of God gives us the gift of salvation, sins forgiven, headed for Heaven to live with Christ forever in a city He has prepared for us!
1. We need salvation, were born sinners heading for Hell and,
2. Salvation cannot be found in obedience to the law because our sinful nature prevents us from keeping the law, it cannot be found in good works because compared to a holy and righteous God they are as filthy rags,
3. Salvation can only be found in the grace of God through the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Titus 3:5. An urgent matter! James 4:14, Matthew 7:22-23, 1st Corinthians 15:52-57

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